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Paducah, KY Eye Care: FAQ about sunglasses

FAQ about Sunglasses

Your questions about sunglasses: answered

With summer here, people all over the Paducah, KY, area are taking to backyard pools, lakes and rivers to enjoy all that summer weather has to offer. Likewise, it’s important to keep sunglasses handy wherever you go this summer. Sunglasses block out UV rays that can damage vision and really ruin your summer fun. However, what type of sunglasses do you need? What are polarized lenses? We’ll answer these and other questions below – read on for details that will keep your eyes safe this summer!

Darker Lenses Sunglasses

Do darker lenses have more UV protection?

While the logic here seems sound, this is not necessarily true. The UV protection of the lens is based on what the lens is made of and the curvature of the lens – the tint has very little to do with protecting your eyes. However, if your vision is more sensitive to light, you may feel more comfortable wearing darker sunglasses.

Polarized Sunglasses

What are polarized lenses?

We hear much about polarized lenses, but many don’t know what that means. Polarized lenses are specially crafted to cut down on glare. This comes especially handy in situations where the sun makes things difficult. For instance, the glare off the hood of your vehicle or the sun shining off of the surface of the water can make things hard for people driving cars and boats. Polarized lenses reduce that glare to give better vision when operating your toys in the summer sun!

Sunglasses Protect from UV Rays

What about UV rays? What should I know?

There are three types of UV Rays – read on for details about each and how you can protect your eyesight.

UVC – These are the most intense forms of UV radiation. However, luckily, the ozone layer blocks out almost all UVC rays, which means you won’t have to worry about them.

UVB – UVB rays do hit the surface of the earth and are responsible for the suntan you get. With proper eye protection, you won’t have to worry about damage from UVB rays.

UVA – This type of radiation is what we think of when we put on our sunglasses. It’s powerful, visible, and has the ability to penetrate the inside of our eye, causing damage that could be irreparable.

Sunglasses Cost

Do my prescription glasses block out the sun?

To a degree, yes, they do. However, it’s not smart to rely on your prescription lenses for sun protection – you need eyewear that will block out all forms of UV rays, which your prescription eyeglasses won’t do. Use flip-down lenses or think about prescription sunglasses to make protecting eyes easier for those with glasses.

Sunglasses Cost

Do better sunglasses cost more?

Not necessarily. More stylish sunglasses cost more, that’s for sure. The fact of the matter is, it’s not about style when it comes to protecting your eyes. Regardless of how much you spend on sunglasses, it’s most important that they shield your eyes from the sun. Whether you bought them at the gas station or at the mall, you’ll be glad you made eye protection a priority this summer!

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