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What are the benefits of annual back-to-school eye exams?

School Eye Exams Helps with Safety Issues Around School

Here’s why you can’t skip the back-to-school eye exam

When it comes time for back-to-school, things can get hectic, especially for families with multiple children. Between school supplies and new shoes, your back-to-school checklist can keep getting longer, causing things to fall through the cracks. Don’t let one of those things be an eye exam for your children. Eye exams are important for everyone, but they can be especially crucial for children trying to excel in school. Here are all the reasons you can’t skip this important exam.

Improve your Quality of Life with School Eye Exams

School Performance

If something is wrong with your child’s vision, it could seriously impact them in the classroom. From common astigmatism to dyslexia, you need to be able to provide your child with the tools they need to succeed academically. With a regular school eye exam, you’ll be able to catch vision problems before they affect scholastic performance.

What are the benefits of annual back-to-school eye exams

Maybe Mandatory

Depending on the state, county, or school district, the eye exam may be mandatory. School districts would want this done for much the same reason you would – to ensure that students who needed vision correction equipment (contacts and glasses) would be able to receive those things and ensure better performance in school.

School Eye Exams Help School Performance

Catch Problems Early

While your child may have had no vision-related problems to this point, that can change. As we age and grow, our vision changes, meaning it can worsen over time. Yearly school eye exams ensure that your child’s vision stays healthy as they go through these all-important early years at school.

School Eye Exams Catch Problems Early


It’s not just a performance thing; it’s a matter of safety, as well. If your child is having vision problems, they may not be able to read important signs or properly navigate themselves around the school. Vision problems can have a lot of safety implications including staying safe on stairs, playground equipment, in physical education, and other places. Satisfactory vision is key to staying safe at school!

School Eye Exams can be Mandatory

Quality of Life

As a parent, you want to be able to give your child the best quality of life possible. With school eye exams, you’ll always stay up to date on your child’s vision so you can provide the corrective action needed to solve any problems.