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Sports eyewear options to protect eyes in Vienna, IL

Sports eyewear options to protect eyes in Vienna, IL

Here are your options for protecting your eyes on the playing field

With school starting up again, that means fall sports are right around the corner. While this may get lost in the excitement of the back-to-school time, it’s important to ensure that anybody participating in sporting events has the right equipment needed to protect their eyes. While eye injuries are common in almost all sports, many participants routinely leave their eyes unprotected during practices and games. Take a look at some of the options you have for protecting your eyes during a competition, and don’t forget to call Brush Optical for frames, lenses, and more in the Vienna, IL area.

The Importance of Sports Glasses

Why is sports eyewear so important?

Sports eyewear is important for a variety of reasons. First, it helps prevent physical damage from getting hit with a ball or poked in the eye. Secondly, it prevents something that could happen because your vision was impaired. Whether it keeps you from getting hit or helps you see harm coming your way, it’s worth the investment to protect your eyes.

Sports Eyewear Consists of High-Strength Frames

High-Strength Frames

One of the options that you have for sports eyewear is high-strength frames that resist damage from impact with equipment, other participants, and from being stepped on. You can never know what’s going to unfold in any particular game and frames that can stand up to anything is a must for success on any playing field.

Goggles are an Excellent Form of Sports Eyewear


From basketball to football, there are many sports where traditional glasses just won’t cut it. High-impact sports or fast-paced sports jeopardize glasses that could fall off or be knocked off of your head. Goggles solve these problems with durable materials and a strap that will keep them on your head no matter how heated the game gets.

Sports Eyewear has Durable Lenses

Durable Lenses

You already have to worry about getting hit in the face with the ball.  Do you really need to worry about tiny shards of glass in your eye? Sports eyewear uses specialized lenses made from polycarbonate that are high-strength and ready to stand up to anything you can throw at them.

Sometimes, Sports Eyewear can be Substituted with a Visor


For some sports, it may be easier to opt for a visor. This may be especially helpful for sports that require the use of a helmet like hockey and football. These come in handy for eye protection, and you can have them manufactured with your prescription to improve vision while you protect!

Sports Eyewear is Convenient for Many Sports

Use sports eyewear for these sports

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Racquet Ball
  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Volleyball


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