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Why choose a Paducah, KY independent eye doctor’s office for your new glasses?

Why choose a Paducah, KY independent eye doctor’s office for your new glasses?

Visit an Independent Eye Doctor for Your New Glasses

The time has come for new glasses, and you’re planning on seeing the eye doctor soon. Why is it that you don’t order your specs from the optometrist versus buying them online? You don’t know how the frames will look on your face or even how they’ll fit when you buy them virtually. Sure, you can upload a photo and have the glasses superimposed over it, but you don’t know how the glasses feel until after you’ve received them.

What an Independent Eye Doctor Has to Offer You

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Eye exams conducted by an independent eye doctor provide you with far more information about your eyes than you’d learn by having a virtual eye exam. An optometrist does a thorough eye exam to check for things such as astigmatism, too. You know more about the health of your eyes after visiting the eye doctor in person.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose a Paducah, KY independent eye doctor’s office for your new glasses:

  • You can use your optical insurance to get the frames that you want at a discount. Although there are many inexpensive places online to buy glasses, you might want to question the quality of the frames. They aren’t anything like what the optometrist’s office offers, so there is no comparison in quality. If a tight budget has you concerned, you’ll find a range of options within your price range. You can also take advantage of the discounts offered to you by your insurance, which isn’t always an option if you order frames online.
  • You’ll be able to be fitted for the glasses. The eye doctor takes the time to make sure that the specs are suitable for your face once the eyewear arrives at the optometry office. That’s why the doctor schedules a follow-up visit. The optometrist makes sure that you have the most comfortable fit possible with your glasses. If they don’t feel right, you’ll be less likely to wear them even if you need the specs to correct your vision.
  • You can have future adjustments and repairs made by the optometrist and their staff. Even if you’ve been wearing your glasses for quite some time, the eye doctor and staff will continue to make sure that the frames remain comfortable by making adjustments and repairs for you. You won’t need to worry about it being an issue to have the glasses fixed. There is no charge for these services, which means less worry for you. You drop by the office with your glasses and have them adjusted.
  • You establish a professional relationship with an eye doctor that you trust to care for you and your family. Doing so allows you to feel confident about who you’re seeing and how they can make vision issues better for you, your spouse, and your children. The eye doctor is one that you want to tell others about your experience. You refer your relatives and friends to the optometrist because of the fantastic job they did by helping you correct your vision.

There are many things that an independent eye doctor has to offer you. When you take time to schedule an appointment to see them, you’re getting much more than an eye exam. You’re benefitting from years of training and experience designed to protect your eyes and vision from issues that could potentially harm you or affect your quality of life.

Choosing the Frames That You Want is Easy With an Eye Doctor’s Assistance

An optometrist has many incredible styles of glasses for you to choose from. They also fit your frames to your face, making adjustments along the way. When you schedule a follow-up visit to pick up your new glasses from the eye doctor, you’re walking out benefitting from their knowledge and expertise. They provide you with tips and tricks that allow you to care for your glasses, so you won’t need to order another pair early.