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Always Buy Glasses From Your Paducah, KY Area Eye Doctor

Always Buy Glasses From Your Paducah, KY Area Eye Doctor

With all the options for purchasing prescription glasses today, one source might seem just as good as any other. But just because you can do something, it doesn’t mean that you necessarily should.

Online glasses suppliers fill the internet, each promising to provide the same high-quality prescription glasses as your eye doctor. The truth is, the quality difference can actually be very different.

When it comes to something as important as your vision, you should put your trust in the same person you trust to provide quality eye care: your Paducah, KY optometrist. Here are a few good reasons that you should always buy your prescription glasses from your local eye doctor.

An Optometrist Will Ensure Your Prescription Glasses Are Accurate

One major problem that many optometrists have with online prescription glasses services is the potential for prescription mistakes to occur. This is due to doubt about the effectiveness of online checks and balances practices from some companies, compounded by orders from complete strangers from all over the world.

At the very least, online prescription eye care is impersonal. These people have never met you, or probably even ever talked to you. And you want to trust them to care whether your order is accurate or not?

In other cases, the inaccuracies in your prescription glasses could cause headaches, dizziness, and impaired vision. This could lead to problems when you’re driving, working, or trying to sleep.

Prescription Glasses

When you deal with your local eye doctor, you get comprehensive, personalized service from a professional that you trust with your eye health. This is the same optometrist that prescribed your eyewear. Your prescription for glasses probably won’t even have to leave the building.

When you know and care about someone, you automatically want to do the best work you can for them. Your eye doctor and staff are no different. They are invested in your good eye health. You are someone to them, not just a name on an invoice.

Your Paducah, KY Eye Doctor Will Make Sure You Have a Proper Fit

Proper fit for your glasses is more than just a comfort issue. It could actually harm your eyes.

If your glasses don’t fit well, they could cause issues like headaches or blurred vision. Anything that makes your eyes work harder than necessary can cause damage to your vision over time.

You are ordering prescription glasses from an online company is kind of like taking a multiple-choice test. You are offered specific options to answer. Based on your answers, your glasses are prepared and sent to you, without the benefit of even one fitting.

There are many adjustments to be made to a basic pair of glasses, so everyone can wear them comfortably. This is important since every face is different. For instance, ill-fitting glasses can rub blisters and sore spots behind your ears, making it hurt to wear glasses at all.

Proper Fitting Glasses

Your Paducah, KY area optometrist, will immediately have you personally fitted for your prescription glasses when they are ready. You will have the chance to talk to someone about any pain or pressure that you need to have adjusted.

As time passes, your glasses may need to have some adjustments. When you order from an online company, you will have to pay someone to make any repairs or adjustments.

But when you depend on your local eye doctor, there will be coverage for many of these issues. Often, you can drop by the optometrist office for a quick adjustment from someone you know.

You May Not End Up Saving as Much as You Think

Read the fine print before you sign up for online glasses. That bargain price may simply be a starting point for your final bill.

Know what you are getting from them. Are any services included? For how long? If not, you will be responsible for those costs.

When you rely on your Paducah, KY optometrist for all your eye care needs, you get a more comprehensive eye care plan. This could protect your eyes and keep your vision clear for years to come.


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