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Eye Health Tips For Patients Over 65 In Paducah KY

Eye Health Tips For Patients Over 65 In Paducah KY

Eye Health Tips For Patients Over 65

Taking care of your eyes is important at all ages. But after age 65, the changes in your eyes need a little extra care. Here are a few ways you can help protect your eyes after age 65.

Avoid Unnecessary Injuries

Avoid Unnecessary Eye Injuries

About half of all injuries to the eye occur in the home or just outside. These accidents often happen while there is a home improvement project in progress.

The good news is that almost all of these eye injuries are avoidable. Protective eyewear can save your eyes from the damage that could affect your vision now and in the future.

Sun protection is another important factor in senior eye care. You should always wear UV protective eyewear when exposing your eyes when enjoying the outdoors.

A big part of any senior eye care plan is protection. Seniors should always wear safety eyewear whenever you are working with something that can harm your eyes.

Other steps you can take to avoid accidental injuries include using non-slip mats in your bathtubs and showers, securing any loose railings, and cushioning the sharp corners of your furniture and fixtures.

Consider Systemic Health Issues

Many health problems can negatively affect your eyes. Your eye doctor should be made aware of any issues you suffer from, so an effective eye care plan can be developed.

It is crucial for seniors over 65 to get regular health checks, so you can remain aware of and treat all the problems you have. Some of the issues that significantly affect eye health tend to show themselves in middle age.

Diabetes and high blood pressure are two such health problems. Your optometrist needs to know about other problems, so they can help you fight further damage.

Brighten Things Up Around Your Home

Some seniors suffer vision loss from more than just the natural aging of the eyes. In those who suffer from low vision, even the everyday activities of life are challenging.

One thing you can do is to brighten your living areas. This helps seniors with low vision with facial recognition, reading, and household tasks.

Try raising the wattage of your existing light fixtures or install LED light bulbs to increase the lighting in your home. This is a great way to brighten your house without investing in expensive new lighting fixtures.

If you think you may suffer from low vision, or simply want to be able to see better in your home, talk to your optometrist. Your eye doctor can help you determine if it is low vision or another issue that is affecting you.

Get Enough Exercise

The benefits that regular exercise can add to your health are seemingly endless. One thing you may not have thought about is the positive effect exercise can have for your eyes.

In order to work correctly, your eyes rely on good circulation and proper oxygen supply. A regular exercise plan can stimulate both, allowing your eyes to operate at their peak.

Following a regular exercise schedule can also help control your weight. Keeping your weight at a healthy level can help you lower your risk of developing problems like diabetes and diabetic retinopathy.

Have Regular Eye Exams

Routine eye exams are a vital component of an effective senior eye care program. Don’t wait to have problems checked by an eye doctor.

After age 65, our eyes can develop issues quickly. You need to discuss how, with your optometrist, how often you should have your eyes tested.

Get Enough Sleep

While we sleep, our eyes enjoy more than a rest. This is when they enjoy thorough lubrication. This is also when your eyes clear out the dust and pollutants that have collected there during the day.

To protect your eyes, you should make sure you are getting enough sleep. This gives your eyes a chance to recharge for another busy day.

Sleep for your Eyes

Excellent communication between you and your eye doctor is key for efficient senior eye care. Let your optometrist know about any changes in your vision or health and keep all your eye appointments. Protect your eyes for some of the best years yet.