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Keeping Your Glasses from Fogging With Your Mask in Paducah KY

Keeping Your Glasses from Fogging With Your Mask in Paducah KY

How To Stop Your Glasses from Fogging With Your Mask


For the past year, when we are out in public places, wearing masks is beneficial when wearing them and helpful to others around them. That doesn’t mean that wearing a mask can be a pleasant experience, especially if you are fighting with foggy glasses throughout your time in the stores. If you regularly wear glasses, you understand that the fogginess can get a bit overbearing at times. If this constantly happens to you, we may have the right solution.

What Causes Our Glasses to Fog?

The simple answer to this annoying problem is condensation. Condensation appears on your glasses when water vapor or, in this case- swear or breath meets a more excellent surface. For example, have you ever walked inside a hot room when cold outside and your glasses fog up? That is the same problem happening when you wear your mask with your drinks. The way that we breathe is directed upwards. That breath is warmer, and the moisture from your breath is causing the cooler surface of the glasses to fog up then. While it only takes but a few seconds to clean your glasses from this problem, it can be dangerous in certain situations that you may be in.

Preventing Your Glasses from Fogging Up

Luckily, there are some steps to take to ensure this problem doesn’t happen to you! However, it can be a simple fix, especially for someone so frustrated as to have their glasses constantly fogged.

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water.
  2. Wet your glasses with soap and water, cleaning off the lenses.
  3. Rinse them under warm water once done. (Make sure you get all of the said soap off of them) (You can also use a fog remover that can help prevent it.)
  4. Finally, gently dry them by using a soft cloth or lens wipe. (Stay away from rougher material to prevent scratching.)
Glasses Fogging from Mask

However, if you have tried this, and it still is so foggy to you, fear not! Your other option is always to book an appointment with your local eye care place, such as Brush Optical for contact lenses; this may be the perfect time for them to see the best you can. With that in mind, we want you safe, happy, and comfortable. Want to make an appointment for contacts? Call us today! 


Exciting News!

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