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How To Get The Perfect Glasses Fit

The Perfect Glasses Fit for You

If you need to wear your glasses every day for the most significant part of your day, having ones that fit your face should be a top priority. When it comes to glasses, having a tool to help you see should also be as comfortable as possible and in the style that you want all at the same time. If you want to learn how to find the perfect fit for you, keep reading our blog!

Achieving the Right Fit

Get a Second Opinion

Glasses Fit

When you get an opinion from your optician, doing this can save you in the long run. The years of experience in helping those find their perfect glasses will ensure that finding ones that work for you will be less stressful. In addition, they will be able to take proper measurements to help find your fit that works just right. They will look at your face shape, prescription and also take your measures. Without having those measurements, it is nearly impossible to know which frame size that you will need.

Knowing Your Measurements

On the inside of your frames, you will be able to find three numbers that are separated by hyphens or dashes. These are the measurements that your optician is then looking for, and they are also specified in millimeters. Unfortunately, having any of these numbers be slightly off could result in more significant problems with your glasses. So make sure that when you are taking these measurements down, you have them precisely correct to your own face shape.

How Glasses Should Fit Your Face

Glasses should rest on your cheeks when you smile and should be leveled to your face. They should also rest on your nose without slipping or leaving red marks there.

Common Problems

Glasses can come with their issues. If they’re sliding off your face or leaving marks, this isn’t what they should feel like. Having the proper frames should fit just like a glove. If you are also experiencing headaches from your glasses, you don’t have the correct size. If you are experiencing these symptoms, call Brush Optical today to set up an appointment to have the best, most comfortable glasses available.

Glasses Fit