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5 Tips to Help Protect Your Eyes While at the Office in Paducah, KY?

5 Tips to Help Protect Your Eyes While at the Office in Paducah, KY?

Everywhere you go, people are staring at screens all day. From smartphones to computers, we are in a fully digitalized world. The constant viewing of these screens causes stress on your eyes and can cause a condition called “digital eyestrain” (DES) or “computer vision syndrome” (CVS). Some symptoms of this can include eye twitching, red eyes, shoulder and neck pain, headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes, and eye fatigue.

Start to Exercise your Eyes


A possible cause of computer eye strain is focusing fatigue. Looking away from your computer every 20 minutes and gaze at an object around 20 feet away for around 20 seconds can help. This is the “20-20-20 rule” which is a classic exercise technique used to relax the eyes focusing muscles and reduce CVS.

Remind Yourself to Blink

When staring at any digital device, people end up blinking 66% less than they usually would. Another issue is that blinks performed during computer work are only partial blinks, which are not as effective as a regular blink. This is because they do not keep the eyes moist and fresh feeling. Make sure you are making a conscious effort to blink more often while working or watching. In the long run, this will prevent your eyes from experiencing dryness and irritation.

Computer Glasses

Around 70% of people in North America experience digital eye strain related to prolonged use of electronic devices. To combat these effects, we recommend digital protection coatings. These are also commonly known as blue light coatings. They help as a shield for your glasses to cut down glare and filter out blue light which is emitted from digital screens.  The blue light filters can be applied to both prescription and nonprescription lenses.  The nonprescription lenses are best for those who have 20/20 vision because it allows them to prevent their eyes from becoming dry due to extended screen time.

Minimize the Glare

Glare can cause your eyestrain to become aggravated. Glare can come from any surface that has light reflecting off of it including your computer screen. To minimize glare, position your computer so that windows are neither directly in front of nor behind the monitor. You could also install an anti-glare screen onto your display. However, if you do wear glasses, you can get an anti-reflective coating on your lenses. This will reduce glare by limiting the amount of light that reflects off the front and back surfaces of your lenses.

Good Lighting

When you have excessively bright lighting, whether it’s outdoor sunshine from the window or hash interior lighting, your eyes can become strained. When using your computer, your surrounding lighting should be 50% dimmer than what is typically found in most offices. You can also reduce exterior lighting by clinging drapes blinds, or shades. This allows for less eyestrain to be caused.


Upgrade Your Computers Display

If you have a CRT (cathode) screen on your computer monitor, you should consider replacing it. We recommend replacing it with a flat panel LED (light0emitting diode) screen that includes an anti-reflective surface. Older CRT screens can cause a ton of eyestrain due to the flickering images. If you go with a new screen, choosing a diagonal screen size of at least 19 inches, and with a high resolution would be the best option.

Eyestrain can be a serious problem down the road, but in a technology-filled world, it’s going to be harder to control. These tips we mentioned above will help you prevent your eyes from becoming worse.  However, if you need further assistance with your vision or have questions about your eyestrain call or visit us at Brush Optical today!


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