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Can Optometrists Diagnose Eye Problems in Paducah, KY

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Your eyes are one of your most important scenes. It is what we use to see the world around us. This is why it is important for you to get your eyes checked regularly. If you see an optometrist often, you may wonder if they can diagnose problems related to your eye. Here we will detail some more information about what you need to know about eye diagnoses in Paducah, KY.

Eye Related Problems

The human eye is very delicate when compared to any other part of the body. The thin layer of skin around the eye is prone to aging and can be damaged over the years. This is epically true if you use your eyes a lot. This is why adults will experience a wider range of eye problems in comparison to children. Despite this, there are plenty of eye problems that can affect you during your childhood. This is why it is important to have the health of your eyes checked throughout your life.

When to See A Professional

Having a talented eye specialist check the health of your eyes regularly is important. It is recommended that you get your eyes checked annually. If your family has a history of eye-related disease or problems, you should aim to go multiple times a year.

Treatment and Diagnoses Options


Your optometrists can give you a diagnosis for your eye problems and can offer or suggest eye treatments. An optometrist can give you one of several kinds of eye assessments to test your eyes. First is a visual acuity test in which the patient will read letters off a chart. They might give a refraction test to determine what kind of glasses the patient will need. They can also give peripheral visual field tests so they can test the patient’s peripheral vision. When an eye problem is found optometrist will provide or suggest treatments, such as prescribing eyeglasses or contact lenses. Depending on what kind of problem it is, they can provide medical eye drops among many other prescriptions as well. You can trust your local Paducah, KY optometrists to provide you with information about the health of your eyes and ways you can improve or help the problems.

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