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Eyeglasses Frame Repair Services Available in Paducah, KY

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If you have been wearing eyeglasses for a long time, you should know that accidents can happen, and the frame of your glasses are venerable to breaking. While you may be tempted to just tape them or glue them, there are thankfully better ways of handling the situation. Paducah, KY has services available to you that can help you get the frame of your glasses fixed. Here we want to go more into detail on these services and what you can expect from them.

In-House Optical Labs

Many places can offer to repair the frame of your glasses in-house if they have an optical lab on-site. These labs are run by trained technicians who know how to use all equipment in the lab to make the necessary repairs. You can be assured that when you give them your glasses for repair, you will get them back repaired just like new.

Same-Day Service

While it may not always be that quick, many places in Paducah, KY that offer eyeglass frame repairs can also offer same-day service, meaning you will not have to wait to get your glasses back. This all may depend on the extent of the damage your glasses suffered. It also depends on the resources available in the lab. Sometimes, technicians will need to order parts like screws that do not have in their lab at the time. If you have to wait, you can be assured that the team working on your glasses will work on having your glasses returned to you as soon as they are fixed.

Cost to Repair

Depending on who you take your glasses to for repair and the extent of the damage on your glasses, you may or may not have to pay a fee for the repair. In smaller cases where the repair does not take very long and does not use that many resources, you may be able to have your glasses repaired for free. For example, if there is something minor going on with your nose piece, that is usually a quick fix so it might not cost you anything to have it repaired. If there is significant damage done to your glasses or the frame of your glasses, however, expect to have to pay for the repair.

Looking for someone who can fix the frame of your glasses or any other issues you might have with your glasses in Paducah, KY? Give our team over at Brush Optical a call today! We have our own in-house optical lab for repairing glasses.


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