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  • Experienced Eyeglasses & Frame Repair Services around Paducah, KY

    We know the feeling – you drop your glasses, go to look around and CRACK! It’s unfortunate, but not uncommon for those that wear glasses to break lenses, frames and other tiny components of their glasses. Additionally, these things can prove quite difficult to fix on your own. You can always contact the pros at Brush Optical for eyeglass repair services that will have you fixed up and seeing clearly in no time at all. Our in-house optical lab gives us the ability to provide fast repairs from a qualified technician.

  • Broken Lenses

    Unfortunately, there’s no quick solution when it comes to broken lenses. These are specifically fabricated to fit your prescription and your lens choice. However, we can install new lenses and get you fitted for a completely new pair of glasses.

    Broken Frames

    The frame of the glasses holds the lens in place and is also the stylish part of the glasses. When frames break, it makes the lenses unstable and could be dangerous to wear them in certain situations. Both accidents and regular wear and tear may cause damage to your frames. We can put your frames back together if possible or we can fit you with a new pair of frames.

  • Stripped or Missing Screws

    Eyeglasses contain small screws where the hinges are. It’s very common to lose a screw, have one fall out or to strip the screw while trying to do your own eyeglass repair. This is an easy problem for the pros at Brush Optical to fix. With screws and hinges to fit most eyeglass frames, repairs are a snap for Brush Optical!

    Damaged or Lost Nose Pads

    We rarely think about the nose pads of our glasses until they’re making it thoroughly uncomfortable to wear them. We have nose pads and can easily replace them, regardless of the make or model of your specific eyewear.

    Broken Glasses? Stop by Brush Optical for fast and easy repairs to broken frames, broken lenses, lost screws, etc. Our complete list of eyeglass repair services includes:

  • Broken Lenses • Broken Frames • Missing Screws • Missing Nose Pads • Soldering Metal Eyewear • Rivets on Eyewear Frames