• Here’s what you should know about your contact lens solution

    So many people all over the world use contact lenses every day. They’re an excellent innovation in eye care. However, many contact lenses require lubrication with contact lens solution. Unfortunately, that’s where things get a bit hazy. What type should you use? Will it hurt your eyes? What’s it made of? When it comes to these and other questions, you can always count on a local eye care center to provide the information you need. Additionally, we invite you to browse the following facts about contact lens solution that you may not be taking into account.

    moisturizing contact lens solution

    What to Use

    Different types of contacts may require certain types of solution. It’s best to only use contact solution that’s approved by your eye care professional.  Additionally, many make use of saline solution or rewetting eye drops, but that’s not what they are designed for.  Only use solutions that are specially formulated for contact lenses.

    contact lens solution and case

    Multi-Purpose Solutions

    It may be smart to take advantage of multi-purpose contact solutions. They can be used with most types of contacts and you can use the same solution to clean, rinse and disinfect your contact lenses.  This makes the process of caring for your contact lenses much easier, and it helps keep your lenses cleaner, which is great for your overall eye health.

    contact lens solution and clean hands

    Use Clean Hands

    Regardless of what solution you use to clean your contact lenses, you need to have clean hands to limit the amount of bacteria present on your lenses. The contact lens solution won’t kill everything that’s transferred from your hands including bacteria, oil and more. That’s where a good hand washing comes in – keep them clean and you’ll keep your eyes clean.

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