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  • Paducah, KY’s Best Choice for Pediatric Eye Care & Vision Testing

    Does your child have trouble in school? Are you noticing the signs of poor vision? Contact your local pediatric eye care specialists for a vision exam and get to the bottom of your child’s vision issues. At Brush Optical, we offer comprehensive eye care services for children in Paducah, KY and throughout the surrounding areas. As a locally owned business, we understand how frustrating it can be for a child to experience vision issues, causing problems at school, home and beyond. We’ve been offering vision care since 1995, using that experience to help children with a range of vision problems. Your child doesn’t have to suffer – call Brush Optical for an appointment and a comprehensive vision exam!

  • School-Age Vision

    When it comes to children, we’re always worried about keeping them safe. However, we rarely think about their vision and how it affects their life. Additionally, many children cannot describe poor vision because they don’t realize that anything is wrong. At Brush Optical, we can provide a comprehensive eye exam to children of all ages to check for:

  • • Near Vision
    • Distance Vision
    • Binocular Coordination

  • • Eye Movement Skills
    • Focusing Skills

  • • Peripheral Awareness
    • Hand-Eye Coordination

  • Schedule an appointment if you notice any of these symptoms:

  • • Child loses their place while reading
    • Child avoids reading things that are close to them
    • Child holds reading materials closer than normal
    • Child is constantly rubbing their eyes
    • Child is prone to headaches

  • • Child tilts head or tries only to use one eye
    • Child makes frequent reversals when reading
    • Child has to use a finger to keep place on page
    • Child omits or confuses words while reading
    • Child consistently underperforms at school

  • Amblyopia

    Amblyopia is a condition that affects over 4 million people in the United States. Also known as “lazy eye,” many people have this condition since birth and don’t attempt to correct this problem until they’re older. However, it’s in your best interest to take care of this problem while your children are still young. The quicker vision correction therapy is started, the faster and easier it is to correct this issue. Call our staff for more details!

  • Protective Eyewear

    It’s always important to protect your child’s vision wherever it is in jeopardy such as sports, the beach, etc. Brush Optical has a greats selection of protective eyewear to ensure your child is protected wherever they go. We offer the following eyewear:

  • • Sunglasses
    • Prescription Sunglasses
    • Transition Lenses

  • • Sports Eyewear
    • Sports Eyeglasses

  • • Sports Goggles
    • More…