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Need to protect your eyes at work? Worried that something will take your vision? It’s time to call your local eye doctor for information about safety glasses or prescription safety glasses. At Brush Optical, we provide a wide variety of eyewear to customers in Paducah, KY and throughout the surrounding areas. As a locally owned business, we understand the need for quality safety eyewear that keeps you safe on the job site, at home, or wherever you’re working. Since opening in 1995, we’ve amassed a wealth of experience that we use to ensure the complete satisfaction of our patients. Contact our staff, and get started by scheduling an appointment today!

Safety Glasses Paducah Kentucky

Safety Glasses

Whether you’re on the court, at the job site or participating in your favorite recreational activity, eyewear is chiefly important to maintaining your health. Additionally, most eye injuries could be prevented with the use of proper protective eyewear. At Brush Optical, we offer industrial safety glasses and sports safety glasses to keep you safe wherever go.

Industrial Safety Glasses Paducah KY

Industrial Safety Glasses

When it comes to the job site, there are many hazards that could affect your health and your vision. Whether it’s flying debris, sparks or something else, you need the proper eyewear that helps you see with precision and protection while you’re working around dangerous materials. At Brush Optical, we have the skills to outfit you or your entire team with the right protective eyewear.

In fact, there are five aspects to providing industrial safety glasses…

  • Frame Test – the frames must be tested to withstand the mass and velocity that will be placed on them throughout the workday.
  • Frame Marking – The frames must be marked correctly. Without the correct marking, the safety glasses may not withstand the rigors of the job.
  • Lens Test – like the frames, the lenses must also be tested to ensure they meet the standards of the specific industry.
  • Lens Marking – once again, without the correct marking, workers could be in serious danger of a major injury.
  • Optical Requirements – Finally, once we have the right frames and lenses, we’ll ensure the lenses meet your optical requirements so you can see clearly and safely.

Sports Glasses

Just like at work, you must be protected when you’re on the field, as well. Brush Optical provides sports safety eyewear to children and adults. We’ll provide a comprehensive exam where we’ll find out about the sports or activities you participate in, as well as any restrictions you have. Then, we’ll be sure to help you find the eyewear that completely suits your needs. Call our staff for more details!

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