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Sports Eyewear & Prescription Recreational Glasses

Many of us love to play sports and be active outside. However, many people are held back by poor vision or vision problems that limit what they can do with glasses on. Brush Optical offers an extensive selection of prescription sports glasses that protects vision and helps athletes perform their very best. However, it’s normal to have questions about your specific needs for sports glasses. Read more below about sports eyewear or contact our staff if you have any questions about your own specific needs – we’re happy to schedule an appointment for you!

Sports Goggles Paducah Kentucky

Do I need sports glasses or sports goggles?

The simple answer: yes. All kids and adults with eye conditions or vision problems should consider wearing protective sports eyewear during any and all competitions. In fact, 9 out of 10 sports eye injuries are preventable with proper sports eyewear. Popular activities for sports glasses and goggles include baseball, softball, basketball, racquetball, tennis, fishing, hunting, shooting, and more.

What type of sports eyewear do I need?

This has more to do with you personally than it does with the glasses. All sports glasses and goggles should be prescribed by a licensed optometrist that will understand the specific needs of the patient and the demands of the specific sport. Sports glasses or goggles must be comfortable and well-fitting to ensure they stay on your head and you won’t leave them on the bench out of embarrassment. You should never be embarrassed to protect your eyes!

Sports Glasses Paducah KY

What if I already have glasses or contact lenses?

Unfortunately, regular glasses don’t provide the protection needed for contact sports and other activities. However, prescription lenses are available for sports eyewear, which means you can see clearly and protect your eyes, all while playing the game that you love. Contact Dr. Brush for more details about fittings, frame materials, styles, and more.