• Common Vision Care Terms: Defined

    For most, trips to the doctor’s office are routine by this point. You’ve been a million times, had physicals and even picked up on some of the more difficult medical terms. However, unfortunately, this doesn’t translate to the world of eye care. Many people don’t receive regular eye examinations and therefore are ignorant of some of the most common vision care terms. At Brush Optical, we aim to educate our customers to build a broader knowledge of their own eye health. Take a look at the following terms to enrich your vision care knowledge base.

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    Age-Related Macular Degeneration

    This eye disorder causes damage to the retina, which causes damage to the middle of the vision field, resulting in vision loss.


    This is also known as lazy eye, which means it doesn’t develop vision the same as the other eye. This is not treatable with lenses and requires vision therapy.


    This is a condition where the cornea or lens is misshaped, which causes blurry vision at certain distances.


    This is a cloudy part of the lends that results in blurry vision and vision loss. This is treatable with medicine and surgery and is found mostly in older people.

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    This is actually a group of illnesses that cause optic nerve damage, which can result in blindness.






    This refers to a condition that causes a person to lose the ability to focus on close-up objects due to an inflexibility of the eyes.

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    Visual Acuity

    This term refers to the measurement of the sharpness of vision at 20 ft.  This measures overall vision health.

    Vision Therapy

    This is a group of ocular exercises that help improve certain vision conditions such as myopia, hyperopia and more.


    This is a vision care professional that has an M.D. with a specialization in vision care.


    This is a vision care professional that has O.D. (doctor of optometry).

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    This is a trained vision professional that helps fit customers for lenses and frames and provides overall support to any vision care office.

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