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Eye Care & Vision Exams Available in the Paducah, KY Area

When it comes to your vision, there are many advantages to scheduling regular eye exams with a trusted optometrist. In fact, at Brush Optical, we offer a variety of eye exams to ensure your vision stays at its best. We offer a standard vision test, but this is just the beginning. Read more below about the eye exams we offer and how they may benefit you!

Comprehensive Eye Exams Paducah KY

Comprehensive Eye & Vision Exams

When you go to the optometrist, you’re probably expecting this type of exam. Our comprehensive eye and vision exams Is a standard way to evaluate your vision health and talk to you about any problems or concerns that you may have including diabetes, cataracts, macular degeneration, and other diseases. Additionally, we’ll be sure to ask about your lifestyle, occupation and other things that affect your ocular health.

Contact Lens Exams

This is another type of exam that we offer here at Brush Optical. Contact lenses differ from eyeglasses, so Dr. Brush requires a separate exam to ensure the best fit of your contact lenses. You may have previously been told that glasses were the only way to fix your astigmatism or eye issues. However, contacts have evolved, and there may be a contact lens solution for your eye care needs. You won’t know until you call Dr. Brush!


LASIK eye surgery is truly a marvel of modern medicine, giving those with poor vision the ability to see clearly for the first time in their lives. At Brush Optical, we handle post and pre-operative surgical care and provide examinations to ensure you’re ready for the surgery beforehand and you’re recovering well after the surgery. Additionally, Dr. Brush is happy to speak with you about the surgery and provide a recommendation for someone to perform it.

LASIK Exams Paducah Kentucky

Glaucoma Evaluation

Many people develop Glaucoma over their lifespan, which is a serious eye disease that could lead to blindness. As part of our comprehensive eye exam, we dilate the eyes to look for signs of this eye disease. Additionally, we’ll help you find the treatments that work for you if we find the signs of Glaucoma during your exam.

At Brush Optical, we want you to know that you don’t have to struggle with poor vision. Contact our office, just minutes from Paducah, Kentucky, to schedule your comprehensive exam and find out how Dr. Brush and his team can use state-of-the-art technology to help you see better!

Eye Exams include the following tests:

  • Autorefraction
  • Refractive Analysis
  • Visual Acuity
  • Tonometry
  • Autokeratometry
  • Evaluation for Amblyopia
  • Slit Lamp Examination of Anterior Segment Health
  • Ophthalmoscopy for Evaluation of Fundus Health

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